'‘Play Me I’m Yours’'


Touring internationally since 2008, ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ is an artwork by British artist Luke Jerram. More than 600 pianos have now been installed in 26 cities across the globe, from New York to Sydney and now Paris, bearing the simple invitation ‘Play Me, I’m Yours.’ The project has reached more than two million people worldwide, with each new city that commissions the work becoming part of a growing legacy.
Forty pianos were installed on the streets of the Paris, from June 22 to July 8 2012, thanks to the enthusiasm and expertise of the Community. Professional musicians, rank amateurs, and the musically untrained of every age were all invited to sit down and play these wonderful pianos in the public spaces of Paris for two brief weeks and story continues as each piano has been lent to a local non-profit organisation until the next edition of Play Me, I’m Yours in Paris in 2013.